Issues with Oskarshamn's phone number

4/15/2019 Pressmeddelande
The phone number to our office in Oskarshamn is currently unavailable. To contact the office, please use our agents' direct numbers: +46 (0) 70 - 331 55 80 and +46 (0) 70 - 956 94 86. Thank you!

Askala Shipping becomes Thor Shipping & Transport

4/1/2019 News
We welcome Thor Shipping & Transport Oskarshamn to our operations!

Brexit postponed

3/22/2019 News
The EU leaders approved Great Britain's request to postpone Brexit during yesterday's gathering, meaning Britain awaits another parliment vote next week

Severe weather in the North Sea delays our liner traffic

3/21/2019 News
Hard winds and rough conditions in the North Sea this past week has caused delays with our liner traffic

Brexit around the corner

3/20/2019 Information
The planned Brexit date is closing in on us, so we gathered some information which might be worth knowing as an import or export actor!

Port strike cancelled

3/6/2019 News
The planned strike which was supposed to start by midnight yesterday, is cancelled. Hamnarbetarförbundet agreed to the terms suggested by the Swedish Ports, and the conflict is now over.

Full strike announced in all Swedish ports

2/27/2019 News
Hamnarbetarförbundet decides on full strike actions in Swedish ports, starting on March 6th

Situational strikes wanders into March

2/22/2019 News
The conflict between Swedish Ports and the union organization Hamnarbetarförbundet continues to leave traces in ports around Sweden. TST's organization and operations are still without direct affect.

Lockouts cancelled while strike continues

2/18/2019 News
On February 16th, the employer Svenska Hamnar announced they have cancelled all planned lockouts in Swedish ports, at the same time as Hamnarbetarförbundet schedules for another strike on February 27th

UPDATED: New strikes and lockouts announced

2/7/2019 News
The conflict on union agreements in Swedish ports continues. Ten ports have been notified on further strikes and lockouts, which are scheduled to start on February 17th. TST's traffic and operations remains unaffected.