Brexit postponed

3/22/2019 News

The EU leaders approved Great Britain's request to postpone Brexit during yesterday's gathering, meaning Britain awaits another parliment vote next week

Important dates to know about: April 12th and May 22nd

During yesterday's EU gathering, Theresa May asked to postpone Brexit from March 29th to June 30th. The EU approved her request, but altered the date and gave Britain less time than asked for. This means the British parliment will have to agree on whether or not they acknowledge and approve the deal May made with the EU. If they vote Yes, a soft Brexit will occur on May 22nd, and if No, a hard Brexit will occur on April 12th. 

A hard Brexit would mean imports and exports to Great Britain will follow the same customs regulation as if transporting cargo to countries outside of Europe and the EU. This means that the process to ship cargo to and from Britain will take longer than before, especially when it comes to customs. Thor Shipping & Transport are well prepared and will be able to continue our daily operations with cargo transports to Britain no matter the outcome of next week's vote, and are happy to answer how to practically transport cargo with us. For more information, send us an e-mail to or give us a call on +46 (0) 10 - 129 30 50.