We are prepared for Brexit

1/10/2019 News

TST started their preparations for Brexit in 2016 and will be able to operate normally even after March 29th

Thor Shipping & Transport is ready for Brexit

On June 23rd 2016 a majority of Great Britain (51.9 %) voted for a British exit from the European Union, which becomes official on March 29th this year. Brexit is, according to the nation's prime minister Theresa May, a way for Great Britain to leave the inner market of the EU, the mutual custom agreement and the risk of being affected by the court of justice of the EU. The ambition is to sign a free-trading contract with the EU, but has yet not happened. 

Thor Shipping & Transport started their preparations for Brexit in November of 2016, to ensure being able to handle the new relationship with Great Britain when needed. The preparations have included a renewal of our AEO certification in order to guarantee quality freights, as well as reappraise both our temporary warehousing and customs warehouse permits (which have been approved). Our customs expert has great knowledge of what this exit may lead to, and continuously work with updating and adapting our business for an easy transition.   

Despite thorough arrangements and adaptations, the uncertainty of what Brexit will mean practically for Europe remains. Thor Shipping & Transport's goal is that the relationship change shall be noticed as little as possible and that business will go on as it normally does, but it is hard to say exactly what will happen.

Feel free to ask us about Brexit and what it will mean for you via info@thorshipping.se or call our main office at + 46 10 - 129 30 50 and ask for our customs manager.