SUN Line

SUN Line (Est. 2014)

SUN Line is a shipping company which was founded in 2014 by Thor Shipping & Transport. The subsidiary's goal and business idea is to use the beneficial location of their headquarter for sea freight, and expand Mälardalen's infrastructure on water. The vessels operating to and from Västerås provide local industries with great opportunities for safe and smooth cargo transports - not only domestically, but with international actors and the world as their final destinations as well!

Our vessels operate on a regular schedule between Sweden and the UK, and enter ports along the way. Västerås, Södertälje, Oxelösund, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Hull are the ports we go to, all of them with staff which belongs to the organization and with associated offices nearby. The cargo being handled contains a mix of container cargo, break bulk, projects and special transports. No matter what kind of cargo you have, the SUN Line staff will make sure you get a professional and quick transport solution!

Environmentally friendly transports

Using sea freight as a way of transport is a cost-efficient alternative for those who regularly transport larger volumes of cargo, as well as an environmentally friendly option for those who actively work with sustainability matters. The capacity of one of SUN Line's vessels equal about 200 trucks, which contributes to less emissions and less traffic on the roads. The vessels run on low-sulphur fuel and stops in local ports around northern Europe, contributing to shorter distances from port to the cargo's final destination!

Do you have questions about SUN Line or sea freight? Feel free to contact us and we'll answer you!